Challenges in the Supply Chain

Across the country, retail businesses are asking customers to shop early this holiday season. From book publishers who warn printing delays may impact inventory to a lack of shipping containers available to serve all international orders – challenges in the supply chain are facing manufacturers, distributors, and consumers directly. Combine these challenges with the ongoing driver shortage affecting the U.S. trucking market– and you can see how businesses and consumers are going to start feeling the heat this holiday season.

Our Response

One way that Total Reliance Logistics is responding to the changing marketplace is a renewed focus on communication and customer service to our clients and partners. Communication is foundational in the development of an effective logistics plan and also helps our clients and partners have the information they need to make informed business decisions.

Prior to scheduling a shipment, we work closely with our clients to develop a logistics plan that aligns with their expectations, timeline, and budget. We consider external factors such as the marketplace, where fluctuating transportation costs, driven by supply chain demand, can have an impact. Additional variables such as delivery requirements, distance, and weather disruptions are also considered when helping to plan and execute transportation services.

Once a shipment is scheduled, we are dedicated to ensuring freight is picked up and delivered on time- and communicate to our clients every step of the way. Our professional team has the tools, information, and customer service experience necessary to communicate effectively. Our customers receive shipment alerts built-in throughout the shipping process. These auto-generated milestone alerts can be sent via email, text, or phone and provide all the details you need to track your shipment from doorstep to destination. Our customer service team is also always there to help, providing hands-on support to all of our customers.

Contact us Now

Personal contact and care go a long way during challenging times, and we’re dedicated to helping ensure you get everything where it needs to go this year. If you’d like extra support this holiday season and into 2022, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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