Ecommerce sales in the U.S. rose dramatically this year, creating new demand for expedited shipping and final mile delivery solutions.

In addition to a rise in direct-to-consumer shipping requirements, there is also increasing demand for manufacturers to ship directly to stores and other distribution networks. Responding to surging demand and overcoming supply chain challenges during a pandemic has required creativity and new shipping solutions from the industry this year.

The holiday shopping season will bring new challenges as businesses attract more customers online than ever before. A study by eMarketer shows U.S. consumers will spend $709.78 billion on e-commerce in 2020, an increase of 18%. The rise is expected to continue into 2021 and 2022. To meet demand, expedited shipping is becoming the go-to solution for businesses to quickly get products into the right hands.

What is Consumer Expedited Shipping?
One thing all shoppers can agree on is that faster shipping is better. Expedited shipping guarantees delivery faster than standard methods, using quick order fulfillment and various shipping and delivery methods to do so. The turnaround time for expedited orders is impacted by the shipping zone, size and weight, and processing time.
Consumer expedited shipping methods vary by retailer and include:

  • Express
  • Two day
  • Next day
  • Same day

What is B2B Expedited Shipping?
Expedited shipping for ‘B2B’ or Business-to-Business clients offers flexible, scalable solutions designed to help companies deliver products quickly.
B2B expedited shipping includes:

  • Same Day Pick-up and Business Delivery
  • Next-Day Pick-up and Business Delivery
  • Three Day International Delivery

When choosing a B2B Expedited Shipping service, companies should consider:

Availability of Assets and Networks: Choose a logistics company with the right assets to meet your demand, including 53-foot dry vans, straight trucks, sprinter vans, cargo vans, and the handling materials to get materials delivered safely.

Flexible Booking Solutions: A professional logistics team helps build your personalized B2B shipping solutions to ensure materials are picked up and delivered to meet your timetables.

Reliability: Choose a carrier that can reliably get your shipments to each destination on time, every time.

Virtual Tracking Tools: Cloud-based mobile technology delivers real-time shipment visibility and personalized delivery updates to any device.

TRL specializes in expedited shipping solutions. For over 20 years, the TRL Total Reliance Logistics team has helped businesses ensure on-time delivery nationwide, from last-minute order fulfillment to quick-turn requests. Our Ground Expedite service was developed to assist companies with emergency services, including fulfilling same day and next day pick-up and delivery requirements.

Businesses that have successfully pivoted to online sales in response to COVID-19 shutdowns are navigating a perfect storm of market conditions impacting their ability to secure the capacity needed to ship goods to stores and consumers. More e-commerce orders, truckload and LTL capacity issues, an overwhelmed USPS, and increasing delivery costs are all impacting online retailers. As we end the year, manufacturers are still struggling with supply chain disruptions impacting factory floors, and retailers still face product shortages as a result.

The e-commerce trends we’ve seen this year will continue into 2021. Companies that protect the entire customer journey, including providing consistent, on-time delivery, will continue to attract new customers in the new year.

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