Total Reliance Logistics Supports Nationwide Shipping Surge

The complexities of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted every industry this year, including ours.

COVID-19 closures intensified labor shortages in the transportation industry, impacted shipping networks, and increased demand for home delivery. In response, Total Reliance Logistics (TRL) is helping clients across the country meet changing consumer demands and ensure essential goods are delivered on time.

Capacity issues in trucking-stemming from labor shortages- have continued to impact the logistics industry this year. The American Trucking Association reported a labor shortage of 60,000 drivers and a key service that closed in response to COVID-19 – driver training and licensing facilities – made this problem even worse. This year, 100,000 fewer commercial drivers’ licenses were issued.

Additional transportation networks were also affected by COVID-19. Tracking the impact of rail delays this year, a Northern California logistic consultant reported “The railroads will not take any bookings right now, and so all the containers going to and from the West Coast to places such as Chicago and Memphis must go by truck.”

Changing consumer demands also impacted the industry. Traditionally, each year peak demand for shipping comes at the end of the year, with holiday shopping a major driver. This year, the industry’s response to that demand will be impacted by the continuing driver shortages and an even larger increase in consumer demand for home delivery, due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

To meet the increase in customer demand within a tightening market, companies have looked outside the trucking industry for alternative ways to ship goods. For instance, intermodal transportation has grown as a cost-effective alternative. Rather than relying on a single mode of transport, companies are now using an intermodal combination to move goods on longer routes requiring fewer transfers. TRL has helped companies improve their logistics strategies by providing alternative methods of shipping to meet their customers’ demands this year.

We are proud to play a role in the logistics industry’s response to complex conditions this year, helping business delivery inventory and goods across the United States, on time, every time. We are helping companies prepare for the crunch of holiday shopping with a nationwide network of professional carriers and a team of logistics experts that make every shipment request possible.

“The entire supply chain has been forced to adapt to changing consumer buying patterns that shifted rapidly in response to the pandemic,” said Denise Magalotti, President of Total Reliance Logistics. “At the same time, companies are responding to changing accessibility to goods, transportation, and distribution channels. Shipping networks are working to manage customer demand, but we expect the capacity to remain tight as we move towards the end of the year.”

To finish the year off strong and ensure freight arrives at its final destination on time, businesses must ensure their shipping providers have the capacity to meet their needs. TRL is here to help – with first-in-class customer service and industry-leading technology solutions designed to improve tracking throughout each stage of the journey. We can strengthen your logistics capacity this holiday season and let you get back to what you do best – serving your clients and customers.

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