We are proud to announce the renewal of our company’s Woman-owned Business Certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). WBENC certification is the most widely recognized in the U.S., identifying businesses that are owned, controlled, and operated by women. Our woman-owned logistics company was first awarded the certification in December of 2020.

“We are delighted to have our certification as a Woman Business Enterprise renewed,” said Denise Magalotti, CEO of Total Reliance Logistics. “Attaining WBENC certification has helped Total Reliance Logistics improve its partner relations visibility. We are happy to continue serving companies committed to supplier diversity.”

To gain certification renewal this year, Total Reliance Logistics passed a comprehensive review of key areas of the business, including business management, fiscal responsibility, leadership, and growth potential.

Why do companies seek WBENC certification?

According to WBENC, there are 13 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., about 42% of all businesses in the country. Although the number of women-owned businesses in the country is rising, there is a significant gap in revenue and capital between these businesses and the national average. In many industries, the number of women-owned businesses is significantly less than 42%.

WBENC works to reduce those gaps with programs that connect women-owned businesses to growth opportunities and new customer groups. Certification also gives companies access to WBENC networking events and training programs, procurement opportunities, mentoring, executive education, and other business tools and resources. One of the program’s most important roles is educating the business community on the benefits of working with a certified, women-owned business.

What are the benefits of working with a WBENC-certified business?

There a many great reasons to work with a women-owned business. Here are just a few:

Diversify your supply chain 

Adding diverse business partners to your supplier community is an important part of strengthening your network.

Creativity and Innovation 

If you’re looking to add innovative new partners to your supply chain, women-owned businesses offer industry-leading business intelligence and capabilities, with a diverse viewpoint. Working with diverse business partners sparks new ways of tackling old problems and inspires creativity and innovation within your own team.

Tax Incentives

Working with a certified women-owned business can provide tax benefits to your company. When a supplier is certified, tax liabilities can be significantly reduced for federal and state-funded projects.

Shows that Diversity is Important to You 

Supporting WBENC-certified businesses shows your commitment to building a strong and vibrant U.S. business community and helping bridge the equity gaps that exist for minority and women-owned businesses today.

How do businesses earn WBENC certification and renewal?

WBENC’s most well-known national program is certification, which validates that the business is at least 51% owned, directed, administrated, or managed by a woman or women. To earn WBENC certification renewal, a company must meet the standards implemented by the WBENC’s Regional Partner Organizations. Learn more about the WBENC certification program: https://www.wbenc.org/certification/

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